About Us

Welcome to 1714 Fashion, the heartwarming collaboration of two young cousins turned fashion enthusiasts. United by more than blood, Neiman and Madison share a deep love for fashion. Together, they've embarked on an inspiring journey to transform their dream of owning a boutique into reality.

Neiman lives in Fayetteville and finds herself captivated by the creative energy of a college town. Her imagination was sparked by the diverse styles that flowed through the streets, and her desire to translate these influences into unique fashion pieces. Meanwhile, Madison thrives in the Dallas area, using the city's eclectic vibes to fuel her trendsetting spirit. Her eye for the latest trends and styles has become extremely helpful in finding just the right look for the boutique.

Neiman & Madison have chosen the collections we offer,from cozy tees, game day attire, to statement-making dresses, their boutique encapsulates the spirit of fashion that transcends age and location.

Join Neiman & Madison on their journey of creativity, friendship, and fashion.

With youthful energy and dreams,

Neiman & Madison